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SV Peetam

Welcome to Sri Venkateswara Anugraha Peetam Online! This has established by Guru Kondaveeti Jyothirmaye. Through SV Peetam, Amma has conducted many spiritual and social activities for the betterment of society. Today through this website, we as Amma’s followers want to share her teachings with the wider society and make sure everyone benefits from this. Namasthe.

About AMMA

Kondaveeti Jyothirmaye, affectionately called Amma by her followers is an ardent follower of master EK and encourages everyone who is willing to embark on the spiritual path to learn Vedas and Upanishads to widen their horizons. Amma plays many roles in her role, she is a pilgrim to divinity while singing devotional, a philanthropist who works for society, an environmentalist who cares and offers service to nature and animals around, a Guru who is teaching society about spirituality, sankeerthana and many more to improve one’s life.

 Believes in



"Sankeerthana is for enlightenment and not for entertainment," says Kondaveeti Jyothirmaye with emphasis on Annamacharya as a multifaceted and yogic guru.


Satsang is a word derived from the Sanskrit language where ‘Sat’ means “the ideal; pure and true essence” and ‘Sang’ means “association”. It symbolises the celebration of an important event.


As we do our daily Jobs with our Educational qualifications and get better, if we can also Volunteer our Skills for someone's betterment, Our Soul gets enrichment.

SV Peetam - Yogic life

Yogic life teachings help in knowing the purpose of one's life, speaking soul to soul, and shifts in your attitude, and perspective. Also teaches how to do sadhana and develop universal love.. Know More


Sankeerthana is a *Sadhana*  a term used to refer to a daily spiritual practice.
But, for Amma’s Yogic life followers, it is a soul purifying process where they immerse themselves in *GOD*with mind, heart and body. 

Devotees can practice Sankeerthana at all times without any conflicts unlike MANTRA (sacred utterance). Mantra contains Shakti, beejam, keelakam, mudra and involves certain parameters to chant. Sankeerthana can be practised anywhere, anytime without reservations or apprehension.

Mantra Chanting

Mantra :