SV Peetam - God is one, All are one.
Shift in thinking & attitude to Live life happily. Live with ease, not a disease.
A yogic lifestyle involves shifting our attitudes, habits, diets, thoughts and general ways of life to be more congruent with the philosophies and ethics of yoga. Yogis make lifestyle choices that bring them towards a place of sattva, a state of equanimity and inner peace.

Benefits of Yogic Life

Qualities for a Yogic Practice

  1. Disbelief sense of dignity (position) – for example, I am president/chief minister
  2. Disbelief sense of greatness – goodness is better to help others
  3. Believe in non-violence (ahimsa) – don’t hurt others/stay silent or don’t engage in bitter words
  4. Believe in forgiving – no matter how much they have hurt you, forgive them
  5. Believe in following a guru – be steady
  6. Believe in purity in mind and body
  7. Believe in consistency and stability – this is it
  8. Believe in self-control – as our nature, practice is needed
  9. Believe in value of withdrawing from objects – bring that sense back
  10. Develop disbelief in EGO – it can take over you; think there is no EGO
  11. Accept bodily you can face birth, disease, sorrow, old age, defeat, death – all these are true and you can’t change them; accept them
  12. Believe in neutralizing localized affections or attachments – practice within your own home, family, friends. Do not force others to do sadhana like you; for example, you get up at 4am, expect spouse/children to do too. Or don’t worry about what will happen to child when you die. Yoga class is in our own home.
  13. Receive with equal composure – every incident, negative or positive
  14. Practice integration/synthesis – all is HIM, versus analysis – different pieces/sections.
    1. Doing spiritual party now
    2. Practice, practice, practice
    3. If I see my mind struggling, think HE is testing me (have prapathi)
    4. Trick the trick – maya
  15. Learn to be alone in all – no matter how many are around you see that in all (satvam). Only see HIM (mirror)
  16. Develop interest on spiritual bent of mind – tune mind, see relaxation in this. Sadhana may mean enjoying other things like a party but then come back to this.


  • Shift in thinking, attitude so
    • Live life happily
    • Live with ease, not disease
  • Come to understand HE (God) gives us this life with daya (compassion), we should live it wisely
  • Know that “man is created by image of God”
  • Sankalpas should work through us, not my sankalpa; due to this vidya, can help others
  • Seeing God in everybody
  • I am just an instrument in HIS work
  • No competition with others and not in competition with self
    • Constantly remember: HE is doing, we are just a witness; cooperation versus competition
  • Gain mental strength, which brings balance and equanimity for all the opposites in life – good/bad, happiness/sorrow, positive/negative, etc.
  • Time and space is God
    • Every talk,
    • Every breath,
    • Every action,
    • Every word are done because of HIM; total surrender every moment
  • When we submit to HIM, then problem will be dissolved; that’s HIS principle
  • No punishment in this yogic life
  • Through observation, can see how I am reacting – sit, observe & absorb
  • Will not be disappointed even if we have difficulties
  • Realize trouble is also a gift from God
  • Answer the question, why am I here?
    • To work for others
    • God is working through all of us
    • HE is in us (lo), not with us (tho)
    • Not waste my birth; work towards knowing HIM
  • Appointment is not needed with Bhagawan. Why? Because HE is unconditional and eternal – changing our perspective
  • Say HIS name through all walks of life, all the time: cooking, cleaning, walking, laundry, etc.
  • No disappointments, no arguments
  • Enabling individuals to tackle life’s challenges and lesson gracefully
  • Makes the mental state strong, thus keeps physical being strong
  • Balancing rhythm of inhales and exhales
  • Intuition increases; in essence, will find answers from within