SV Peetam - God is one, All are one.
Shift in thinking & attitude to Live life happily. Live with ease, not a disease.

Helping People

Seva / Volunteering

Let's help the helpless

Amma Jyothirmaye is a true inspiration to many people. She shares her expertise without expecting anything in return. Amma's natural and beautiful attitude "Inclusiveness" resonates the sanatana dharma’s, “Udara Charitanam Tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - "for the noble hearts, the entire earth is one family."

About Amma

Seva can be done anyway, anywhere, anytime!
When Means are PURE, the end will be PURE!!

Seva can be anything that benefits our people, our community, our country, our mother planet!!

We can also use skills gained from our educational background and share them for community's betterment. This is also a way to enrich our soul. You may start with writing the weekly articles, support the less privileged, etc., If we give a supporting hand to One, we get a supporting hand from Masters. 

What is Volunteership?

Where there is service and sacrifice, there exists the divinity.

Voluntarily offering our skills without expecting selfish results or monetary benefits is a great act in itself. A selfless service not only benefits everyone involved but also can be a turning point to our evolution.

We should not forget the fact that "We are not the doers, but the work is being done through us.” We are just a medium to his almighty's divine plan. Creation is for all and our World need to be for all.

Help The Helpless

Save The Children

Donation For Poor

"Paropakaram idam Sareeram"

Body is meant for Paropkar, the body has been given to help the needy.

Volunteering/Seva is to realize our true being.