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Master MN

Master MN (Sri Mynampati Narasimham) was born on 25 August 1883 in Naidupeta, a village in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India. He was an advocate practising law. In December 1919 he was initiated into the yoga path by Master CVV. He later described the first meeting with the words: “When I went there, I was asked: ‘What is space?’ I gave an answer but I myself felt it defective. I desired peace, and it was given.”
The meeting with Master CVV was a turning point in his life. On the instruction of the Master he settled down at Ongole as an advocate and dedicated his entire life for spreading the yoga. In 1927 he established the “Satya Yoga School” in his house, where he gave courses and conducted regular yoga congregations. He initiated thousands of families into yogic life and liberated them from the bondage of karma through the process of yogic magnetisation.
People affectionately addressed him as the “Little Master”, the “Ongole Master”, the “Swami of Ongole” and worshipped him. He is better known as a yogi than as a practitioner of law. Every facet of his life was yogic. His house in Ongole was always full of people taking shelter in his divine presence. Throughout the year his house looked as if there were continuous celebrations of auspicious functions. Countless patients have been cured of chronic diseases through his prayers.
The Little Master stood like a pole star among the mediums of Master CVV guiding the destinies of thousands and manifesting the Yoga Plan of the Master. Whenever he conducted prayers, people were magnetised. There were spontaneous and immediate manifestations of adjustments and rectifications. He inspired all those whom he met including children and cattle through speech, prayers, courses, and meditations. A major portion of the then disciples are now carrying out the same mission with their new bodies in their places and laying the foundation of yoga in the Western countries. Through the fiery and invisible efforts of Master MN the presence of Master CVV is again permeating to the East, establishing the spiritual fusion of East and West.
Master MN left this physical body with perfect ease on 11 March 1940, breathing out love and light to all the disciples for higher work.