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Giving birth is a sacred process and a spiritual journey

We refer to Earth as Mother earth as only she can create things. After Earth it's only a woman who has the power to create these incredible and complex beings. We usually associate Mothers with the source of fertility and source of life. Mother is one who not only gives birth but also the one, who cares, inspires, protects, and is also respected.

Giving birth is a sacred process and a spiritual journey. Throughout pregnancy a Mother goes through a rage of emotions like anxiety, excitement, pain, patience, fears etc., till she gets to see her baby and hear their voice. There are so many things that need to be done right in this journey to make sure, the baby who is entering this world would be an enlightened person or a person who takes that path or a person who everyone is proud to be associated with and whom Mother earth would love to have.

In vedic tradition, there are 16 samskaras, indicating 16 milestones in the journey of a human being. The first 3 samskaras come under the prenatal zone. There are Garbhadhan, pumsavana dn Simantonayana. Garbhadhana, a process where a couple prepares for the conceiving process. Pumsavana is done typically around 3 months of pregnancy for strength of the fetus. Simantonaya is done for the easy delivery of a baby.

Thinking about future generations' wellness and growth, our beloved Kondaveeti Jyothirmayi has designed a project called Sisunam. Aim of the project is to provide utmost care to the pregnant woman and take care of her spiritual well being so that her offspring would be another Sivaji or a Netaji. An unrealised truth is that a woman is actually a mother from the day she conceived, because a baby is already growing in her, taken care of by her, and learning from her. Baby learns everything though their mother experiences.

Women have to be safe, secure during pregnancy, as those positive feelings will be sent to the baby in the womb. Though most of the women are taking care of their diet and nutrition during pregnancy, they are still going through a lot of stress and troubles as a part of their day to day life which is showing negative impact on babies. Amma wants to provide them the right environment and right information during the pregnancy so Mothers will be nourished in all angles.