SV Peetam - God is one, All are one.
Shift in thinking & attitude to Live life happily. Live with ease, not a disease.
A yogic lifestyle involves shifting our attitudes, habits, diets, thoughts and general ways of life to be more congruent with the philosophies and ethics of yoga. Yogis make lifestyle choices that bring them towards a place of sattva, a state of equanimity and inner peace.

Yogic Life

In the path to practicing a yogic life, daily we should ask ourselves these two questions:

Who am I?

 That I am – So Ham, say this like chanting OM
  • You recognize yourself
  • Everyone is Rudra
  • HE is in everyone; Antharyaami

What is my purpose?

Answer will come from within
  • Zero everywhere (point within circle), circumference no where à heart, buddhi & hridayam will stop
  • Point is consciousness, God
  • Help others
  • Speak soul-to-soul

Path to Yogic Life (Yogam)

  • Even a negative in our life should become a positive, whether it is a loss or a gain
  • As stated in Rudram, Sri Suktam, Bhagavad Gita, Sankeerthana, and Scriptures, realise that HE is in everyone.
  • Remember, everyone is Rudra
  • Get skills with knowledge; those skills will develop attitude
    • Sankalpa – all HIS work, is the higher truth
    • HE creates conditions – playing cards with us and sees what card we will drop or pick up à we should say, “YOU are playing, YOU take care of it YOURSELF”. Say namaskarams and say, “YOU do what you want, I am only going to hold your feet”. HE is a trickster!!
    • HE should attain me; I don’t attain HIM
  • Should Shift in perspective
    • No disappointments EVER, should always keep trying. If something happens, great; if it doesn’t happen, still great.
    • Nishkama Karma Yoga. Always do with no expectations
    • Should always have an attitude that “Everything happens for my growth/benefit”
    • Should realise that it is not Me who is doing it, it is really HIM who is doing
  • There should be no malice
  • HE is trying to awaken us
    • I should be aware of the mental state
    • Awaken state in my conscious state
  • Develop and practise Vairagyam i.e., do your duties with detachment in terms of relationships, money, etc., Enjoy whatever you have, and never think that you are lacking something.
  • Should always Observe ourselves constantly
  • Never make proposals to God, We request HIM 
  • Stop focusing on other devotees’ bhakti pathways and focus on yours.
  • Should know time management – Never postpone. There is nothing called tomorrow; need to correct ourselves through practice and preparation.
  • Practice universal love – Constantly saying it all the time helps us to remember and also creates discipline within us
    • Keep heart that subtle and with love, seeing HIM in all
  • Every Sankalpa is HIS, but we need to do our part both good/bad. Change negative force to positive; don’t live with negative
  • Do our sadhana: constantly say HIS name but be careful, keep buddhi (sankalpa plane); don’t let Ego take over. Then HE is the way – hold onto HIM
  • Manasu (mind) will become light when we feel everything is possible in life
  • When we work in HIS divine plan, HE will provide the strength. When we try to work with our plan, we will incur obstacles and issues. We need to become healers