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Green India

The increased urbanization and the resulting deforestation have almost bruised our mother, The planet Earth. It is a well established fact that the inclement weather conditions such as earthquakes, tsunamis, increase in sea levels, rainstorms, are the consequences of our quenching thirst for urbanization, globally.

Amma Jyothirmaye, a nature lover, disquieted by the noticeable global warming, pledged to pull her weight in expanding the greenery. The disturbance in ecology poses a significant threat to physical, mental and spiritual health of humanity. From time unknown, Sadhakas have been doing their yogic practice amidst Mother Nature, proving our bio-diverse nature, a safe haven to our well-being.

"One step at a time." Amma encourages everyone to start their journey with one plant in their front yard, or in their modest balconies. She asserts the fact that greenery has therapeutic effect on human brain and spending some quality time in nature is one stop solution for boosting our mental, physical and brain health  - "Our ancient  eco-therapy"