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Srivari SENA

Amma Jyothirmaye's innocent love for fellow humans has inspired her to setup a committee called Srivari Sena - "A team under Lord Venkateswara.” Through this, she invites volunteers to render their support for social and welfare issues. Volunteers form a team of 10 and work towards one social/ welfare issue.

As any nation, India too has many issues that need to be addressed and they can be done by anybody with pure intentions. Amma asserts the fact that instead of donating huge amounts to a temple, a part of it can be donated to welfare issues such as:

Water crisis: Supplying water in the areas where there is a huge water scarcity.

Sanitation and hygiene: Construction of public toilets particularly for women and girls, who lack access to public toilets in India.

Farmers and their poverty: Donating seeds, saplings, and fertilizers to the poor farmers.

Intention of doing is important, and not the result. Expectation leads to disappointment, says Amma Jyothirmaye. Her light-hearted, yet deeply motivating words regarding Seva are "Today, everybody says they are busy. Being busy is Rogam(disease), being active is Bhogam(enjoyment). Seva can be done in many ways. Just one thought and selfless effort towards it, not only changes the situation around you but also brings a sense of satisfaction in you."