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Touch With villages

Villages once a synonymous to rich culture and heritage, have been overthrown in the name of industrial revolution!
Villages once bustled with youth, have been deserted in the name of employment!
Villages once abundant with every supply, have been mercilessly neglected!

Amma Jyothirmaye, a staunch supporter of villages and farmers says, “Agriculture is our base. It’s in our blood, in our dharma. Villages are the places where we originated from. Our culture is intertwined with agriculture. Agriculture and Villages teach us the concept of GIVING.”

Despite the large households, the villagers from bygone vibrant rural India smoothly raised their kids with modest self-sufficient supplies. The struggles of modern-day man cannot go unnoticed. What has happened?

We need to retrospect our actions in recklessly neglecting our villages.

Amma says, “Establish connectivity with your village. If you are born in a city, then try to get connected with your parents’ or grandparents’ or your spouse’s village. That becomes yours. Empower it. There is no one in this country who is not related to a village. You need not shell out your wealth for this. Support villages in restoring the ponds once used for drinking water. Renovate old temples, support kids’ education, etc., Research your village and its needs. Be a helping hand to them. In this way, you are not only helping a community but also immortalizing your kin.”

Villages are the backbone of India and agriculture can be a key contributor to our economic development.